Sunday, September 7, 2014

Home sweet home: a new adventure begins


I know I dropped off the gird for a while but a lot of things have happened. I will start where I left off...approximately anyway. 

Originally, I was supposed to be back home on June 31st, however, I was ready to go back on May 31st. Classes had ended and fun Murcian traditions were no longer going on so I felt it was time to leave. The only people who know that I was coming home early however were my parents. I was going to surprise my sisters by not telling them I was getting back an entire month ahead of schedule.

The night before I left was bittersweet. I went out on the town one last time. I went with a few of the friends I made when I was there. We danced until about 4:00am at various clubs and the. I returned to my apartment. I had planned to go to sleep but I was so energized that I ended up talking to one of my friends until it was time to walk to the bus station.

Around 6:00am my roommates and my friend Coral walked me to the bus station. There were no tears or sadness but tons of "I will miss you" and "text me when you land." I was ready to come home.

Unlike my journey to Spain, the flights home went smoothly. I didn't get lost, my phone didn't die, my parents were on time to pick me up and take me home. On the drive home, I talked about my trip and some of my experiences that I had while I was there. 

When we got home Tia, my twin sister, was shocked and surprisingly so was my dog and my cats. Everyone was just so surprised that I was home early. 

Now, before I went to Spain, a lot of people were talking about reverse culture shock and how I could become depressed and start long to go back to Spain. Just about everyone said I would fall in love with Europe and never want to leave. However, that was not the case. When I returned, besides a bit of jet lag, I was ready to jump back into life as it came. Sure, I did miss some aspects but I was not longing to go back anytime soon. I was honestly more excited to see the new house, as we had just moved again to a new state. 

The summer flew by as it always had but I filled it with plenty of fun things like, ballroom dancing lessons, a new gym membership, meeting new people and making videos about trying new things. By the time it was time to come back to school I was ready for a whole new adventure called...Senior Year: Last Semester. 

It's gonna be a great semester. There will be good times, bad times, tears, laughter and everything in between but expect nothing less from life.

Keep looking out for new posts on Fridays!

P.S. Here are some photos of my time back home!

Hasta luego!
My dog Sheba when she saw me!

My cats Silver and Penny cuddling next to me on my first night back.

Me trying new tricks at the new gym.