Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All the Pretty Colors

What's up everybody!!

If you are waiting for a, "I am ready for this trip to be done," or a "#I'mbored," then you might want to skip over this post because I am still having the time of my life. 

You know that saying, "you have to stop and smell the roses,"? Or...however it goes get the gist. Well I have done just that and they are GORGEOUS!!! 

For those of you who have never heard the phrase or have heard it but don't quite fully understand it, let me break it down to you like this: basically it is saying that you have to take a time out for a brief moment and take in all the seemingly small irrelevant things that surround you everyday that you may not notice or take for granted before they are gone. This week has been the perfect time for me to do just that...I LITERLLY smelt some roses...or flowers...they all have pollen okay they were just pretty so I smelled despite my allergies. I realized that this is the first spring break in two years that I actually stopped to take time and enjoy. The last two years, I worked through the breaks (at my second job) so I really did not have time to "stop and smell the roses." This year, I do not have a second job...yet..and I took the time to enjoy the little things (hence my visit to Illinois). Since I have been here, I have gotten much needed rest, and quality time with my ride or die best friend. I always knew that I missed her, but I never knew just how much. I have friends everywhere I have lived...I'm just so popular 😜 jk...maybe... But Cydney is that one friend that keeps me going through everything even from a distance and her company alone has really lifted my spirits and then the spirits moved me to take a step back and know just let everything go for a change and just live life. I am sad that it is Wednesday meaning I only have three more days here. But do not fret (Yes, I just started a sentence with'll be fine), I am going to enjoy the rest of my time. For it will be filled with rediculous stories, laughs, giggles, chuckles, side looks and more!!

Until next time,
You know who I am

P.S. Never go shopping on an empty end up buying things you didn't even know you liked (but a lot of you already knew that)

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