Tuesday, April 11, 2017

True Friendship

Alright everyone!, it is day two of my spring break and I just have to say...WOW, what a relaxing day! Not only did I get to wake up early and then go back to sleep, but I also did not have to worry about what to wear, who would see me, what to do..all those crazy thoughts you have the night before and the morning before you go to work...it was truly wonderful. What made today an awesome day was not the freedom to pretty much do whatever I wanted, but it was taking a step back and relishing in my true friendships.

I have a lot of AMAZING friends, I don't want anyone walking away after reading this post thinking, "man, what does she think I am?" But I just want to point out what makes Cydney, "that friend" and again I have a lot of "those friends," but I have to brag on my bestie. 

I got up this morning at 5am, 6am for you North Carolina folks to take Cydney to work because she is that friend that didn't want me to be stuck in the house all day stranded. I drove her to work because she insisted that I take her car so that if I want while she is at work I can go explore the town. While Cydney  was at work, I folded her laundry (yes I did that), walked her dogs (well two out of three...kinda), and visited her mom at work. Yes, Cydney is that friend that did not take off work when her friend comes to visit because she knows that we are the type of friends that, though I miss her dearly when she is gone, she does not have to shower me with her attention 24/7...that is not what makes us those type of friends. We know that we have individual lives away from each other and we would not dream of asking the other to take time away just to make us feel appreciated as a friend. You may be thinking, "so she went to work and must have had a Vegas type of night planned for when she got home." If you are thinking that, you are wrong, we've done Vegas, the real Vegas, it was FANTASTIC, btw. However we did have a blast. After I picked her up from work, we went to the store, pealed potatoes, attempted to watch several movies and failed (yes failed), cooked dinner, then went to get ice cream/frozen yogurt; of course we also had some hilarious conversation and banter along the way as well. It was the most fun I have had...in a long time. I have fun with all of my friends but this day was just the kind of day that only your true friends "those friends" can give you.

Though the day was truly blissful, I must admit I have been saddened. 1. tonight there is supposed to be a pink moon and it is too cloudy for me to see it 😞 and 2. Two days of my seven day break from work is almost over!!! I am not ready to go back to work yet but I am glad I am filling my time with much needed bft (best friend time). This is one of the best Spring breaks ever!!!

Until tomorrow,

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